KYC automation software for banking and finance

encompass confirm aggregates data from the world’s leading KYC information providers. We then automate workflow in-line with your internal KYC policies to significantly enhance the way you research, on-board and review prospects and clients.

encompass confirm reduces the time, cost and risk involved in due diligence activities, while enabling you to better demonstrate value to clients and compliance to regulators.

We help banks and finance businesses reduce costs and accelerate onboarding while ensuring policy adherence. encompass confirm is the KYC software for competitive advantage in AML & CTF compliance.

encompass confirm takes advantage of the information providers you use every day, pulling in reports from them all in to one easy-to-use workspace. Our information partners include:

  • Business information
  • Official registers
  • Person ID verification
  • KYC providers
Encompass Confirm Information Partners

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key features of encompass confirm


accelerate and standardise customer onboarding

Eliminate hours searching, downloading, printing and reviewing information from multiple sources in a variety of formats.


implement a scalable compliance operating model

Relieve front-line staff of AML/CTF information collection activities to focus on what they do best – building relationships with customers.


effectively capture the external information you need

Link information to existing systems to build a deep understanding of new customers while applying global AML/CTF standards.

communicate complex situations visually

Speed up communications and understanding between your frontline staff, compliance officers and regulators.

maintain visibility from decisions back to data

Retain source documents and provide an auditable record of how information is discovered and used in your compliance process.


transparent and auditable customer on-boarding process

With built-in compliance, all activity is automatically logged with a user identifier, and a date and time stamp to meet stringent audit controls.


Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

encompass confirm makes it simple and fast to research multiple versions of a director’s name, and to draw out all the connections. You couldn’t possibly do this efficiently by searching manually. Automating this work to take advantage of digitised information reduces costs and so supports our firm’s commitment to be value-driven and cost-effective.”

Mike Pavitt

Paris Smith

encompass confirm significantly reduces the searching time, so it takes five minutes instead of potentially days. It also makes us more productive – instead of spending so much time on search and review, we can be doing other work and building the relationships with our clients.”

Cheyne Clarke

Gilbert + Tobin

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