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Increasing regulation, inconsistent onboarding practices and heightened regulatory scrutiny is creating a glut of work for regulated firms in the form of Know Your Customer (KYC) remediation. With high volumes of customer KYC files that no longer meet the standards of their policies, firms are exposed to significant risk until remediation is completed.

Robotic process automation from encompass allows you to remediate your entire back book in line with global policies quickly, accurately and cost-effectively by allowing you to:

  • upload all customer data for remediation in one simple step
  • automate KYC data remediation based on your policies
  • view progress and be alerted to any required actions
  • dynamically create a comprehensive audit trail

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Previously our client KYC process used multiple web based data sources. Automation via encompass makes this process considerably more efficient and allows our compliance team to focus on the output, rather than spending considerable time and effort on manual steps in the process.

Kevin Yates

Director of Risk & Compliance, Leumi ABL

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