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AML in 20:20 – the year in focus 

explore our latest resources covering all things AML and regtech for 2020

the Encompass view

EncompassWayne Johnson, CEO and co-founder, and Alex Ford, VP Product & Marketing, share their thoughts on all things regtech in 2020 – delving into topics including its growth, trends and the role our automation solution has to play.

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the developing relationship between blockchain and KYC

In this blog, Dr. Henry Balani takes a look at the evolution of blockchain and its potential connected to use when it comes to Know Your Customer (KYC) processes.

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spotlight on sanctions

In this webinar, we were joined by Samantha Wolreich (Dow Jones Risk & Compliance) to discuss the challenges posed by current approaches, the importance of understanding corporate structures, and the role regtech can play to streamline and enhance compliance.

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KYC utilities focus

As part of our series looking at the key topics for AML compliance in 2020, we discuss what a KYC utility is, and the role they will have in helping businesses meet increasingly stringent AML regulation.

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Regtech 20:20 podcast

In this month’s podcast, our focus is on what people can expect to see in the year ahead, as we delve into our guests’ key predictions for 2020, and we look at the key takeaways from our research in to AML fines in 2019. 

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financial crime focus

As part of our series looking at the key topics for AML compliance in 2020, Dr Sian Lewin of RegTech Associates outlines her predictions for AML and financial crime for the year, including the impact of changes to key regulation on businesses.

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an Australian perspective

With the Royal Commission having put the spotlight firmly on banks and their processes, Deborah Young (CEO, The RegTech Association) believes that has also led to an increased focus on regtech.

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sanctions predictions for the year ahead.

Here, Dow Jones’ Risk & Compliance’s sanctions expert, Eric Sohn, gives us his take on what we can expect, putting the spotlight on Iran, Russia and more

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AML in 2020 predictions series

In the last 12 months, we have witnessed many changes to regulation, increased fines for non-compliance, and a surge in new technology being developed to help firms with AML compliance. So, with a new year upon us, what can we expect to see? 

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Encompass is the creator of Know Your Customer (KYC) automation for major financial and professional service firms globally. We are the only provider of simultaneous, real-time access to multiple sources of global company, registry and person data.

By using robotic search to discover everything your KYC policy demands, Encompass delivers more efficient processes and faster, safer regulatory compliance, resulting in lower costs and superior risk management.

Encompass robotically searches structured and unstructured information sources to automate your KYC, AML and EDD policies. Key elements including UBOs, PEPs, sanctions and adverse media are all identified, visualised and verified in seconds. Whether it’s one, or one thousand customers, enhanced risk assessment, monitoring and remediation can now be achieved at scale through the power of automation.