Bigger the better!

We’ve done a lot of work under the hood that means working with large workspaces is a breeze. With this month’s performance boost, large charts will load faster and you can shorten your time from data-to-decision.

Get Serial

We also beefed up Encompass to allow you to now search the PPSR using all serial types, including intellectual property, aircraft, watercraft and motor vehicle – including VIN




With these additions, Encompass is the one stop shop for PPSR Serial Number Searches, including:


Motor Vehicle Search

– VIN Number
– Chassis Number
– Vehicle Manufacturers Number

Aircraft Search

– Aircraft Engine Manufacturers Number
– Airframe Manufacturers Number
– Helicopter Manufacturers Number
– Aircraft Nationality Code & Registration Mark

Intellectual Property Search

– Patent Number
– Trademark Number
– Design Number
– Plant Breeders Right Number

– Watercraft Search
– HIN Number
– Official Number

It’s a date!

When adding a PPSR Organisation Grantor report to your workspace, Encompass takes the guesswork out of which company identifier to use by automatically displaying the date that the company was registered.



We’ve also included the Giving of Notice Identifier information in the List View and the PPSR Registrations document in the Documents Panel, giving you even more insight into the information in your workspace.


See all of April’s enhancements in action!

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