In this new series of videos, using Encompass Verify for Law, we demonstrate a case that appears to be simple with very little opportunities to recover money. The investigator uncovers a far more complex situation including a property asset with recoverable value of more than £600,000!


Investigating a company director to ascertain whether the individual owns any assets of value is a common legal research task.

Is it worth litigating?
Is there sufficient unencumbered collateral to secure a loan?
Which company within the group structure holds the property in question and what’s the value?

Encompass Verify accelerates these searches.

The video demonstrates how a basic company search and asset tracing can often miss critical information, and how visualising results and continuing searches can help researchers get the full picture, fast.

Asset Tracing


From a starting point of what appeared a simple case with very little opportunities to recover money, you have uncovered a far more complex situation including a property asset with recoverable value of more than £600,000.

You have achieved all this in less than 10 minutes and by spending just a few pounds on search fees.

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The video overview demonstrates that with a few clicks of the mouse after an initial search on Companies House, using Encompass Verify you can hide details of companies not of interest to your current investigation and run a Land Registry search on the newly discovered property. This reveals the property has a secured creditor in the Bank of Scotland.

Opening the report you have downloaded from the Land Registry shows that Mr Walker purchased the property 8 years ago for £920,000.

Selecting the property on the chart you run a Zoopla valuation that shows the property to be now worth more than £1.5 million – meaning that more than £600,000 of value is potentially available for recovery in your legal case.

The Encompass Advantage

How? With innovative and unique data visualisation products including interactive workspaces that helps you analyse search results more effectively.