It all began with a coffee:

I have been here from day one when our entire company meeting included me and the founders Roger Carson and Wayne Johnson at a table for three at the local café. It would be standing room only now if we could fit everyone from Encompass in that café and that’s just the coffee drinkers. Add the soy chai latte drinkers and the floor would collapse. On a bright note I can report our local barista is very happy with the growing demand for caffeine generated by Encompass Corporation software engineers.

Build it and they will come:

It was a big step moving to a start-up as it is with every start up, but it also had the thrill of a great challenge. If you have seen the movie Field of Dreams the “build it and they will come” quote is not far from the truth but the hard part is the “it”. What if you build the best “it” and they don’t come? Even worse though is if your best “it” doesn’t solve the customers problem.

We tested and retested our assumptions with each build and as we got a feel for the market we started our real commitment for a robust build that would form the foundation of what is now Encompass. For the first six months I was architect, video editor, script writer, brochure creator, salesman, demonstrator, trainer and a whole lot more. Roger and Wayne were looking after the commercial aspects, investors came on board and our first partnership with SAI Global was formed.

…and they came:

The start-up days are past now, we have a thriving development team, our marketing team are on the pulse and our client base is growing. It would be great to take a deep breath about now but there is a real momentum in the company with new releases each month, pilot programs to manage, international expansion and all the new challenges and opportunities that come with it.

From disrupting the bad guys…

So what do I do now? Well, certainly not what I used to do for many years when I was a specialist working within the intelligence community. For many years I was an intelligence analyst working in Australia, I also spent a good deal of time travelling in the Asia Pacific supporting our allied agencies with training with an emphasis on the visualisation of data. Perhaps the most valuable lesson I learnt as an analyst was context and more importantly, considering everything in context. Looking beyond the immediate to see the bigger picture reveals all the relevant risks and opportunities that are otherwise difficult to pinpoint. Your biggest risk or opportunity could be only be one link away from your current focus.

… a positive disruption in the banking industry:

So how is an intelligence background remotely relevant to my current work which is helping banks grow their business? Quite a lot as it turns out. It is all about what you do with information and the risks and opportunities it presents. My work at Encompass has brought me much closer to the banking industry. I can see many parallels in my work as an analyst and my work with the banks.

For banks to grow and prosper they need to cut costs, make money and save time. To achieve that they need to reduce debt and hard costs, take on better business within their risk appetite and be more productive. My job is to help the banks take a new look at the ever accumulating information and help them uncover new opportunities, to identify unseen risks, cut costs, make more money and save significant amounts of time. We work with the information visually, and Encompass forms a critical part of that process.

So I guess the question is, how can Encompass help banks?

1. Avoiding bad loans: Things get missed due to human error. Documents pile up. Context can be overlooked. Automated rules don’t always work. As anyone who has used Encompass knows one of the key benefits of this solution is the visualisation aspect as it shows you how things are connected and facilitates your exploration of further searches. It helps you see the full picture, faster and the visualisation helps you understand the context.

2. Achieving the duality of cutting costs and making money: I help cut costs through reducing duplicate searches and improve the quality of the loan portfolio, but also assist the bank to make more money through visualising the cross sell opportunities to be found in secured assets and property.

These days my working life is spent helping bankers service their best customers faster and also find quality opportunities within their competitors’ portfolio. Together we find new opportunities and identify risks. It is a long way from my first career in the intelligence world of catching the bad guys, but surprisingly the visualisation and search techniques used to reveal the bad guys are even better for finding the good guys.

Tim Green, Visualisation Specialist and Pre-Sales Manager, Encompass Corporation

Twitter: @Tim_Green_

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