– are we failing to adopt data into our organisations?

Samir Sharma, CEO datazuum and Business Intelligence Specialist – enabling companies to turn data into valuable insights has published an interesting article around Big Data and how businesses need to adapt.

A recent study by the analysts at PWC looked at the failure of (big) data projects, and they found:

“Overall, 43 percent of companies surveyed “obtain little tangible benefit from their information,” while 23 percent “derive no benefit whatsoever,” according to the study.”

Read the full review below, which includes some great takeaways.

Data Driven Culture Meet Data Driven Business - are we failing to adopt data into our organisations?

Change in organisations isn't new, it's been happening for decades now. In particular change that occurs due to a new form of technology that will make the organisation more efficient, processes streamlined, the people more collaborative etc.

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