2014 has been an amazing year for Encompass. Looking back, over the course of the year we’ve led the shift to visual information management among professionals who rely on commercial information to deliver their core service – whether it be as a banking and finance lawyer, an insolvency practitioner or a business banker.

Seeing a number of more established providers in the information industry scramble to develop their own visual solutions has also been rewarding affirmation that we have indeed disrupted an industry and are starting to change behaviours toward more efficient and effective service delivery. There’s still a way to go before Encompass is used across the board, however our belief that the best decisions are made when people understand the full picture, holds true for us and continues to drive us towards new opportunities.

The sale of exclusive rights for Encompass in Australia to our long term partner in that market SAI Global, has also been received as affirmation that Encompass is addressing a problem the market sees value in solving. The agreement has accelerated our plans to launch in the UK which are now underway and will come to fruition early next year starting with a limited to release to a ‘pre-release group’ of clients who have been referred from our existing Australian customer base. Great to see Encompass being recommended across the pond already!

The customer events we held with SAI Global in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne during December were a way to update you on what lies ahead for 2015 and also say thank you to our many supporters. There have been many clients, industry advisors, industry body and conference partners as well as friends of Encompass who see the vision we have and have supported us throughout the year. This has not gone unnoticed and we would like to once again thank you for helping us to deliver professionals the full picture, fast. We look forward to continuing the adventure in 2015!



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