The relationship between an accountant and their client is one of the strongest in the Professional Services industry. This is repeatedly proven by annual studies revealing Accountants are rated the ‘most trusted advisor’.

So what is this trust built on? Quality service and robust advice…

Encompass empowers accountants to confidently and consistently provide advice and information to build wealth whilst reducing risk for all stakeholders.  It provides service differentiation and customer value so your clients continue to come back to you, year after year.

But it’s not only customers who benefit from Encompass.  Partners in Accounting Practices see value in Encompass immediately because it increases efficiency, improves accuracy, reduces risk and automates manual processes to eliminate costly errors that would otherwise go un-noticed.

With Encompass the days of analysing pages and pages of documents are over.  The interactive visual chart highlights issues, concerns, key information and changes, so they are immediately identifiable and clear to any party.  The raw data can be exported and the entire workspace, including visual chart, documents and excel style functionality can be instantly shared with customers or colleagues via a simple hyperlink.

We all understand that the biggest cost is usually the cost of getting it wrong.  Don’t risk it any longer – subscribe to Encompass today and start to search, review and manage data through a solution that ensures you’re giving the best advice.

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