encompass has appointed Jon May, former CEO of market leading KYC utility, kyc.com and global head of Regulatory and Compliance Managed Services at IHS Markit, and Yasmeen Jaffer, former Managing Director and Global Head of Business Development at IHS Markit, as industry advisers.

Jon is currently CEO, and Yasmeen, Partner, of the KYC, Regulatory and Compliance FinTech firm, JJCFinTech.

During his time as CEO of startup kyc.com – a joint venture between IHS Markit and Genpact – Jon grew the company’s client base from 600 to 2,600 companies and 4-15 banks in just two years. Prior to that he enjoyed a successful career at Goldman Sachs where he was Managing Director and Global Head of Client Onboarding for the bank.

Yasmeen Jaffer co-founded JJCFinTech after leaving IHS Markit as a Managing Director, where she spent her career developing a range of industry-led solutions in the KYC, regulatory and compliance space.

Jon and Yasmeen will both advise on encompass confirm – next generation AML and KYC solutions for banking and finance. This will include working with potential clients and partners on how encompass can digitise the KYC process through its robotic search capabilities. In addition, they will bring deep industry perspectives to our teams.

Wayne Johnson, Co-Founder and CEO, encompass said

“Jon and Yasmeen are two of the KYC industry’s leading lights with a wealth of experience between them. Recognised as experts on digital transformation, they are looked to by a number of tier 1 banks for advice on the latest tech and the opportunities that brings. Working with Jon and Yasmeen we look forward to capitalising on our innovation, as well as continuing to grow our UK operations.”

Jon May said

“Today’s regulatory environment continues to present financial services with many of the same challenges year on year. RegTech provides a way to digitally reimagine the process and fundamentally rip up legacy practices. Solutions like encompass have the ability to intelligently transform swathes of information into a smart digestible format.”

Yasmeen said

“encompass has built strategic partnerships with market leading information providers; combined with their next generation RegTech software, this places them at the forefront of delivering cutting edge solutions to an industry which is ripe for automation.”

about JJCFinTech

Established in early 2017, JJCFinTech brings together like-minded colleagues to support and enable clients to deliver their outcomes and vision through strategy, good design and execution. Through the company’s FinTech service model, they offer a revolutionary way to support banks who are undergoing change to their current client life cycle processes. They combine industry expertise with fresh young talent to create an infinite scale.

about Jon May

Prior to setting up JJCFinTech, Jon was hired by IHS Markit to run their industry KYC utility, kyc.com and global Regulatory and Compliance Managed Services. Jon spent two years working with a consortium of 15 banks creating a single standardised policy and process for KYC. During this time, Jon established a reputation for industry leading transformation of KYC, regulatory and compliance solutions. Jon joined IHS Markit from Goldman Sachs where he was Managing Director and global head of Client Onboarding.

Jon May | encompass industry advisor
Yasmeen Jaffer | encompass industry advisor

about Yasmeen Jaffer

Prior to establishing JJCFinTech with Jon May in February 2017, Yasmeen was Global Head of Business Development at IHS Markit where she designed a suite of Reg and Compliance solutions and one of the first market industry-led KYC utilities. Recognised by the Financial Times as one of 40Under40 professionals to watch, Yasmeen’s wealth of relationships across the industry means she regularly leads KYC transformation projects with Regulatory Compliance, Operations and Technology departments of top tier banks.

about encompass

Founded in 2011 by entrepreneurs Roger Carson and Wayne Johnson, and operating from the UK, encompass is the creator of unique, innovative Know Your Customer (KYC) software for banking, finance, legal and accountancy that enable better, faster commercial decisions. The company is driven by the belief that the best decisions are made when people understand the full picture.

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