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Never forget to check against Former Company Names on the PPSR again

If you’re checking the PPSR – it’s important – you don’t want to risk overlooking any registrations. We’ve already added Company Name, ACN and ABN to the PPSR Organisation Grantor search form in Encompass, to take the hassle out of checking all the identifiers.  Now we’ve added ‘Former Company Name’ to that form – so you can cover all bases at once! Rest assured that that you have an accurate picture of security interests and avoid any costly surprises further down the line.


In case you missed it: New Dynamic PPSR Summary Report

Our new Dynamic PPSR Summary Report came out during July. Now you can select either a detailed or summarised report by using simple buttons on the first page of the PDF. Then, based on your selection, the subsequent pages of report change to present the information in your preferred format. No need to have multiple versions of the same document. Simply keep one version and change the view when you need to. You can also filter by collateral class, further enhancing your search and review experience.


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