Graeme Willis, HSW Capital Principle & Managing Partner and Encompass Industry Advisor has been featured in the December issue of LexisNexis’ Banking Law Bulletin:

“Lawyers play a pivotal role in the risk management arena. This is especially true for banking lawyers operating in an in-house environment, such as those employed by investment banks, home loan lenders, credit unions and trustee corporations.

So many of the risks organisations face are associated with the legal framework, regulatory requirements and compliance in general, or have implications in these areas. What makes it even more relevant is the speed of change both within the organisation’s own operations and in the external environment. This can crystallise new and significant risk with profound implications if not quickly identified and acted upon.

New and disruptive technologies are emerging regularly, regulatory change seems endless, and the fragility of the global economic environment remains present. In this environment, it is important to take time out from the day-to-day operations of the business to reflect on the identified and emerging risks. A sound enterprise risk management approach is not only beneficial, but can be essential.”


Read the full article here


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