Full speed ahead for 2016

Mike Kearney, product marketing specialist

First, let me open this year’s blogging activity by sending best wishes for 2016 to our customers, partners and everyone following developments at Encompass.

Over the last few months our development team have been busy “under the hood” to improve our core technology. The results are in and the immediate benefit our customers will notice is SPEED.  Faster results, slicker interactions plus our usual ongoing UX improvements.

Speed and Power

Although the interface you will see with the newly released products has not dramatically changed, you will notice that the products are faster, much faster – they respond very quickly when you take an action.

Beyond responsiveness, we have included some improvements to the products this month.

new landing page

After you have signed-in you will see a new landing page where all your existing workspaces are listed.

You can filter these to easily find the one you want.

Settings, Help, Contact Support and Logout are now available by clicking on the dropdown arrow adjacent to your login initials on the far right of the workspace.

All the features and commands are now organised within three menus; Workspace, Documents and View.

Help support icon
Exporting data

From the List Panel, you can now use Export to move for all information from the chart into a .xls file at a single command.

However, using the new Angular platform, we believe greater benefits will come throughout 2016 and beyond.


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