As we pass 2014’s halfway mark, what better time to take a look back at the 6 months at some of the enhancements and features that makes Encompass the leading platform to search, review and manage commercial information.

 As with all product enhancements, this feature was borne from feedback from our users requesting more flexibility and control over the workspace chart. Encompass already saves you time searching for reports, now we save you more time manipulating the chart to convey only the relevant information.

In complex matters, searching for multiple documents from sources like ASIC and the PPS Register can sometimes result in a busy visualisation. Encompass Chart Filter gives you the flexibility to enable only the documents that are relevant, without cluttering the chart. Working in a team? Simply select Chart Filter, select the reports that tell the story and share only the pertinent information. Take control of your chart by only visualising the reports that convey the relevant information.

Encompass For All Your Searching

To help clients maximise utilisation of their Encompass Subscription and leverage the value of commercial information, Encompass search prices are now on parity with SAI Global Search Manager. This means that it makes sense to do all your searching; simple, complex or otherwise in Encompass. So now you really can search, review and manage all the commercial information you work with, from one place!

Smart chart filtering

You told us that the chart became less useful when there were too many entities involved. Premier and Enterprise subscribers can decide what is visualised in the workspace by toggling individual source reports.


You can now have the freedom to add information to your workspace report-by-report and the control to turn off reports to reduce clutter.