We’re continually building enhancements to improve the way you work with commercial information from the PPSR, ASIC and other critical sources. Here’s an overview of what we’ve released this month at Encompass.

1. PPSR Summary Report Name – We’ve improved the naming convention of the PPSR Summary Reports in the documents panel, so now you can quickly identify each of the Reports (e.g. Company Name, ABN and ACN) and the number of registrations matched for each. Understand at a glance which report relates to which search and dive into the detail where you need to.

Encompass ACN


2. PPSR Summary Documents Include Migrated Charge Information – Searching through attachments to a PPSR registration in order to find the fixed and floating charges can be a nightmare. The information from the migrated charge attachments with regards to fixed, floating and fixed and floating charges are now incorporated into our Summary Documents, for easy viewing and retrieval. The migrated charge attachments are also added to the Encompass documents panel if you need to see them. You may notice the status of the Summary Documents showing an amber progress bar – this indicates the migrated charge information is being retrieved and added to the reports.

3. Threshold for Dynamic PPSR Summary Report – To optimise Encompass performance, the Dynamic PPSR Summary Report which allows filtering and formatting is now available for searches that return 450 registrations or less. Searches that return more than 450 registrations will generate the standard summary report, providing the usual summary of key properties for each registration, with hyperlinks to more detailed information. The standard summary report does not include filtering or formatting options.

5. Help – What’s New? Want to keep up to date with all the latest enhancements to Encompass? From November you can find a link to this information under the Help menu in Encompass. Just look for “What’s New” under ‘Help’ which will take you… well, here – to our product update blog. Why not review what has been released over the last few months and make sure you’re maximising the value of all the great Encompass functionality.

6. Company logos visualised – The Encompass visualisation now tells you even more at a glance, with the introduction of additional company logos for large organisations such as the big four banks and other major lenders. Now you can quickly identify creditors and mortgagors in the picture without having to examine the details or open documents.


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