PPSR Stacked

New prices mean you can afford Encompass for all your searches

To help clients maximise utilisation of their Encompass Subscription and leverage the value of commercial information, Encompass search prices are now on parity with SAI Global Search Manager. This means that it makes sense to do all your searching; simple, complex or otherwise in Encompass. So now you really can search, review and manage all the commercial information you work with, from one place!


Manage Large Volume PPSR Certificate Orders with Ease

Retrieving certificates from PPSR for searches that have returned hundreds of registrations can sometimes be a perilous gamble. Not so with Encompass – we’ve developed a way to consolidate the certificates into a single file so that you can retrieve large volume PPSR certificate orders without fear.  Now if you conduct a PPSR search in Encompass that returns more than 100 registration certificates, Encompass will automatically combine those certificates into a single PDF file, which makes download speed so much faster.  Don’t worry the details from within the certificates are still available via the list panel and in the PPSR Registration Excel Sheet in the documents panel.  So now you get the paperwork you need quickly and simply, and the important details at your fingertips.


Speedy start up time

We’ve done some work behind the scenes to improve the Encompass start up time – you’ll notice that logging in as quicker than ever!


Encompass Webinars

What better way to learn more about a visual platform than seeing it in action? Register for an Encompass webinar, watch previous webinars and explore the world of commercial information management.