Encompass July 2016 Product Update


Equifax Optima: Limited Company Credit Risk Report now available within the Information Providers offered by Encompass.

Equifax joins Dun & Bradstreet, Credit Safe, Experian and Bureau van Dijk in the community of partners making their valuable information available to customers of Encompass Corporation. With this development our customers have real-time access to the UK’s five leading Business Information providers.

Equifax search in Encompass Products

Equifax and Encompass users will have access to Equifax’s headline credit risk report – the Optima Report. Browse all information providers available in Encompass products.

Equifax Partner Logo

July Release Highlights:

  • Equifax Optima Report: Equifax’s headline credit risk report
  • Workspace Management: Customers can now edit the name of workspaces, tag as active/inactive
  • Archive Workspaces: Using the workspace manager, customers can now archive workspaces
  • Logout Button: Users can now logout of Encompass from the dashboard

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The new Workspace Manager

With the July update, we have now added the Workspace Manager function which will allow you to rename your workspaces and archive them to make your list more manageable.

To access Workspace manager, click on the icon in the Welcome screen:

Encompass Workspace Manager | Product Update July 2016

You can also access it from the workspace screen. The icon is found to the right of the snapshot icons in the toolbar:

Encompass Workspace Manager Toolbar | Product Update July 2016

Once into the Workspace manager, you are provided with a list of all your active and inactive workspaces. On selecting a workspace, you can choose to edit or archive the workspace to make your list of workspaces easier to manage.

An archived workspace is removed from your list of workspaces and added to the archive folder. The workspace is not deleted, and can be moved from the archive at any time.

Encompass Workspace Manager | Product Update July 2016

You are now able to edit the name of your workspaces to something more succinct, memorable or more in-keeping with how you currently name other files within your organisation – it really is up to you! While the filename can be changed as and how you see fit, the matter reference will always remain the same.

From this screen you can also switch a workspace between being active and inactive.

Encompass Workspace Manager Edit Screen | Product Update July 2016

We have also updated the welcome screen to include a log out button.

Encompass Log out button | Product Update July 2016


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