Encompass was founded in Sydney, Australia by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs with a track record of international success in developing and distributing innovative technologies to the corporate sector.

The initial focus was predictive analytics solutions, deploying sophisticated mathematical models to make informed decisions. As a nimble start-up company, Encompass Corporation was in a position to capitalize on the early positive response from customers when they coupled predictive analytics with visualisation to allow rapid pinpointing of potential commercial risk. This led to the broadening of their solution to consolidate, review and manage corporate, credit, personal and property information and resulted in Encompass.

Today Encompass Corporation’s vision is to ensure clients maintain a competitive edge, by providing a visual information management solution that helps them increase operational efficiencies and differentiate their service.

Encompass operates on a set of underlying philosophies, which are important in building a profitable and sustainable business.

about simple


No matter how complex the problem, the solution must be elegant and simple


Demonstrable ROI

Solutions must deliver a calculated and demonstrated direct return on investment

about pricing

Pricing for value

Matching the pricing model to the customer business process

about sustainable

Sustainable Value

A product must continually improve its ability to deliver results

about rapid

Rapid deployment

Software as a Service, providing absolutely minimal impact on existing systems and few technical touch points

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