There is no denying that we have entered the age of the customer. A recent report by Forrester clearly states that in order to remain competitive and profitable, successful enterprises will need to “reinvent themselves to systematically understand and serve increasingly powerful customers”.

According to Forrester, the four critical priorities of a forward thinking business should be to:

1. Transform the customer experience
2. Embrace the mobile mind shift
3. Turn big data into business insights
4. Become a digital disruptor

At Encompass, we believe that the balance of power has well and truly shifted to the customer. Therefore, over the last few months we have carefully selected and implemented systems to better understand our clients and deliver solutions they need.

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the Salesforce1 World Tour event in Melbourne about one particular system that we have been using to communicate more effectively with our customers. You can see the presentation from the session I spoke in here and below is a summary of what I shared.

Encompass Customer Communications

The Challenge:

At Encompass we were using ineffective and time consuming methods to manage prospective customers and measure marketing effectiveness. We were drawing information about our customers from multiple disparate sources and using systems that made it difficult to separate different personas in order to effectively segment out marketing message.

The Solution:

After carefully analysing, testing and evaluating various software solutions to help us in our mission to understand our customers better, we decided to implement Pardot. Pardot is a marketing automation platform that helps us put the customer at the centre of our marketing decisions. By increasing our understanding of where our customers are in the cycle of learning about Encompass, we are able to provide more relevant content and avoid the pitfalls of shotgun marketing.

We are now able to pass leads to sales more effectively to ensure that we are in contact with those who are ready to learn more, but not pestering those who are new to the world of commercial information management. By digging into the data, we can see which content and activities are resonating most with our customers and prospects.

The Outcome

This new approach has allowed us to refocus our efforts on turning the conversation back to centring around what the client needs at any given time.

Most importantly, our own internal decision making has moved up the value chain. We were able to stop worrying about which spreadsheets to put to the top of the pile and start thinking about what is going serve our prospects best.

We had a great time at the Salesforce1 Tour and it was a good to share the story of how by using technology that considers the needs of our customers, we have been able to shift our attention and resources from the tedium of spreadsheets and operational headaches to data-led decisions that add value to our customer community.

Which coincidentally is the same value we are trying to provide to our customers (and their customers) through the Encompass platform.

What are you doing to shift your focus to your customers?

Al McLennan is the Digital Marketing Specialist at Encompass Corporation.

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