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The new Encompass user experience

By Martyn van Buuren | September 29th 2017

The most important thing for creating a great user experience (UX) is to minimize workflow distractions and allow the user to focus on the task at hand.

With these latest updates, Encompass continue to offer you an excellent UX.

Improving the UX

Too often a product user is wrestling with the user interface (UI) instead of completing the task and I wanted to ensure that the encompass products areas simple and intuitive as possible.

With this update, the entire application will look quite different, but most of the features are still in the same place, and this should make the process smoother for the end user. Below I have outlined some of the key changes and how it will affect product users.

Some key highlights of the new UI:

Details panel

Details Panel | encompass product updateThe details panel has received a substantial makeover. Previously I had different details panels on the Chart, List and Risk & Identity pages. One was vertical, the others horizontal, and with lots of scrollbars. I have unified them and added tabs to support the increasing amount of information found here.

As a result of the unification risk assessment is now available on the Chart and List pages. For organizations and persons I have added a dedicated tab where risk categories can be set and verification and screening searches executed. The details panel is now a persistent element in the interface. If the details panel is open on the Chart, it will stay open when navigating to the List and Risk & Identity pages. This works well in tandem with the global entity selection.

Risk and identity selection

I have applied a global entity selection, meaning entity selections are maintained throughout the various pages in the application. This provides an easy way to look at the same content through a different lens.

Target entities

select target entity | encompass product updateI have introduced a unified button that displays the name and icon of the target entity plus the selected perspective. Clicking the button will open an overlay where the perspective and target entity can be changed. The perspective options are the same but look slightly different. It is now further possible to select a person as the target entity.

Risk categories

I have created new icons and applied color treatment anywhere risk categories are used. Whether in a dropdown, a table, or on the overview page, they will have the same color and icon. A nice touch with the icon is that it fills as the risk level increases. By using two properties, color and fill; the icons are more accessible for the color blind and easier to distinguish.

Entity icons

Throughout the application we are using entity icons with increasing frequency. When an entity name is displayed I’ve illustrated their icon next to it. This helps quickly recognise and distinguish entities. The same applies to information provider logos, and whenever a data product name is displayed we also display the logo. This again helps with recognising and distinguishing data products.

Unified search experience

The search button is now context aware. When an entity is selected, pressing the search button automatically triggers a follow-on search. On the search page that follows, users can choose from a range of available searches. At the top of the page are filters to narrow down the options, while on the left hand side is a list of all the entities currently in the profile. This enables users to quickly select an entity for a follow-on search. On the right hand side are all the available reports for the selected entity.

Purchase flow

The purchase flow has been redesigned to have a generic design to accommodate the wide variety of searches available from multiple information providers. One of the most notable improvements is the full screen tables displaying search results. This allows us to display more data to help users make the right decisions.

For each of the steps within the purchase flow the ‘context’ of the search is displayed at the top of the page. This includes information about the entity, search, and whether it is part of a policy. The context helps the user understand what the current task is.


notifications | encompass product updateNotifications have now been placed at the bottom left side of the screen and have an updated design. There are different kinds of notifications. Some require the user to action them and are persistent while others, such as a ‘successfully saved’ messages, are not persistent and will auto-hide.


The news page has received a complete redesign. The interface now allows the user to read articles in a more accessible layout

These new changes to Encompass makes for a seamless and effortless user journey. Providing the full picture, fast.


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