Via Legal Practice Intelligence

By Rhonda Arnott

There is not often a major shake up of the way the legal industry operates, however in recent history I believe we have been consciously or unconsciously subjected to two.

1. Firstly, the increased globalisation of Australian law firms (all of the top 4 major Australian law firms have made the conscious decision to actively pursue mergers or alliances with other international legal firms to create global giants).

2. The second has been the invention of cloud based technology.

Consciously or unconsciously the legal profession has been slowly infiltrated by some form of cloud based technology without even recognising it. The increased use of hand held devices and tablets to receive emails at the swipe of a screen, view documents or co ordinate calendars, are just some example that have become standard workplace practice. There are now a range of cloud technologies being commonly used in the legal industry because of the benefits they provide, particularly when it comes to collaboration.

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