Turpin Barker Armstrong (TBA), the accountancy auditing and business advisory firm, has chosen visual information management technology from Encompass Corporation to investigate cases of personal bankruptcy, corporate insolvency and restructuring.

TBA is currently delivering strong revenues during a period when the Insolvency Service reports that company insolvencies in England and Wales are at their lowest level since Q4 2007.


According to Martin Armstrong, Senior Partner: “At Turpin Barker Armstrong, we believe our reputation for delivering high quality results with absolute transparency for our clients allows us to establish our credentials with stakeholders, putting our firm in a strong position to win referral for future work.


“We view automation of our search and discovery processes as an innovation supporting our quest to deliver the best results for our clients. Encompass allows us to reveal previously undiscovered assets in cases of corporate insolvency and personal bankruptcy,” he says. “It’s already proved invaluable by allowing us to improve our productivity, respond faster to issues raised as part of an investigation and ultimately recover more assets.”


Mark Nuttall, VP, UK & EMEA at Encompass states: “Insolvency professionals build their understanding and strategy for each case on facts uncovered in the process of search and discovery. We are delighted that Turpin Barker Armstrong has chosen Encompass to automate their search process and are reaping benefits of productivity and effectiveness.”


Ryan Russell, Assistant Insolvency Manager at Turpin Barker Armstrong, says: “Encompass is intuitive and easy to use. Our team quickly became productive, with little need for formal training. When involved in a line of enquiry into an entity’s assets and property, Encompass saves time.


“I just make a few clicks and I can instantly understand an entity’s asset position,” he adds. “Equally, I can easily establish the beneficial owner, which is particularly valuable when investigating large ownership structures. With Encompass we have the information we need, all in one place.”

Case study

Turpin Barker Armstrong

Embracing digitised search at Turpin Barker Armstong with Encompass

“By using Encompass, professionals in our firm quickly get an early feel for the client’s financial situation… it’s simple and fast, and stores all the relevant information in a single place.”

Ryan Russell, Insolvency Manager

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