Following several research trips to the UK in 2014 we’re delighted to be underway with development of Encompass for the UK. As a SaaS offering Encompass is essentially a single platform with global potential bringing together a wide range of person, company and property data from a range of disparate sources.

GlasgowSkylineIn Australia the majority of that data has come through our partner SAI global and a few other sources. In the UK however, where the information market is larger and more mature, there is a far wider range of sources to be integrated. This has been a very interesting aspect of our research as we have been talking with restructuring and insolvency professionals across the country to learn about the sources of insolvency information they rely on.

We are delighted that a number of the firms we have been speaking with (who for the most part have been introduced by their Australian counterparts) have agreed to be part of our “pre release group program'” which will commence later this month. While much of the Encompass functionality which has delivered value in Australia will also do so in the UK context, we are very excited about learning of any new opportunities from the group during the upcoming program.

Companies House, Land Registry, property valuation and credit data will all be available during the program. Stay tuned for updates on how it’s received and comments from our PRG…



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