Encompass is pleased to make available the presentations from the recent PPSR Masterclass webinars.



Session 1: Transitional or Migrated Securities

Presented by Rhonda Arnott, B2B Lawyers

Presented 22 October, 2013

Now is the time to ensure that your clients’ migrated and transitional security interests are fully protected.   A failure to act will result in securities being lost.  See all the slides from this session with Rhonda to understand the ‘find and claim’ process and the change in priority rules that apply from 31 January 2014 when the transitional period expires.

Click here for the full presentation slide deck.



Session 2: Practical PPSR

Presented by Karen Lee, Legal Know How

Presented October 22, 2013

Did you know that you can only search the PPSR if there is a “genuine purpose”? Would you recognise when further investigation is required? Join Karen to learn how to identify the signals that you need to dig deeper, look at lessons learnt from recent war stories and gather tips to avoid pitfalls when navigating the PPSR, so you can ensure you always protect your security interest and security position.

Click here for the full presentation slide deck.


Session 3: Deriving Customer Value from the PPSR with Lean Data practices

Presented by Steve Karro

Presented October 23, 2013

The PPSR replaced over 70 Commonwealth and State registers. The information on this single register has exploded and is only going to rise. Given this magnitude of available data, it is critical for professionals to have lean data management practices. Steve’s presentation explained how to effectively use commercial information in order to gain the most value  from it for you and your clients.

Click here for the full presentation slide deck.


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