Five factors to consider on your analytics journey

Big data, fast data and smart data have become buzzwords but are they resulting in data-driven business strategies within firms or are they leading to analysis paralysis and complaints of data delivery shortfalls?

In reality, most organisations only manage to leverage a small piece of their data for better insight and strategic decisions. This paper provides a blueprint for a data analytics plan that works.

(Source: Inetco) Read the white paper below:




The next transformation in how businesses are run is fueled by streaming Big Data, Fast Data and Smart Data concepts. With the plethora of mobile devices being connected every day and the ever-growing adoption of wearables and the Internet of Things, being able to make data an integral part of your organisation is going to be crucial when it comes to staying ahead of the competition.

Investing in an integrated analytics solution that will align with your strategy, handle data variety, and deal with the explosive rate of data volumes will be required to stay competitive. INETCO Analytics is a proven solution that delivers on all 5 of the key considerations explored in this whitepaper. It is an integrated solution that delivers the blueprint for an analytics plan.

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