Acuris Risk Intelligence


Take advantage of Acuris Risk Intelligence’s unique data sets to get the full picture on who you are doing business with.

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Acuris Risk Intelligence

Who are you doing business with? Acuris Risk Intelligence reports within encompass provide information that fully understands potential and on-going customers, reducing risk to your business.

In the field of data intelligence, Acuris Risk Intelligence provides unique, actionable data that helps businesses all over the world manage risk.

Available reports:

  • Acuris Risk Intelligence Business Report
  • Acuris Risk Intelligence Person Report

Acuris Risk Intelligence is a trusted, independent provider of data intelligence. Operating in the field of Customer Due Diligence, their reports cover AML, KYC, On-Going Monitoring, and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD).

With access to a totally unique database covering Fraud Intelligence, Acuris Risk Intelligence reports are able to draw together extraordinary amounts of disparate information to create a powerful overview of potential customers.

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case study

Acuris Risk Intelligence

In this case study, we show how Acuris Risk Intelligence used our intelligent automation to help its investigation team with an EDD solution to improve their customers’ compliance needs and increase the efficiency of their own processes.

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