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Search the world’s largest open database of companies within encompass, with information on over 125 million companies in 120 jurisdictions.

Open Corporates

OpenCorporates is the world’s largest open database of companies with data on over 125 million companies in 120 jurisdictions. The database is open and free of charge via the website, make information on companies more usable and widely available for the public benefit. OpenCorporates’ commercial API and bulk data products are indispensable for many financial institutions who perform KYC/AML checks as well as data mining companies for due diligence, investigations and entity resolution.

OpenCorporates has taken an active role in the campaign for public beneficial ownership registers, and in partnership with the World Bank, maintains the Open Company Data Index, which benchmarks company registers on access to their data. In addition, its pioneering work on corporate networks and on a Beneficial Ownership register (OpenOwnership) give it proven expertise in the anti-corruption and beneficial ownership space.

OpenCorporates won the Open Data Business Award in 2015, awarded by Open Data Institute, co-founded by Sir Tim Bernes-Lee.

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