Using Encompass

Encompass In Accounting

The relationship between an accountant and their client is one of the strongest in the Professional Services industry. This is repeatedly proven by annual studies revealing Accountants are rated the ‘most trusted advisor’.

So what is this trust built on? Quality service and robust advice…

Encompass empowers accountants to confidently and consistently provide advice and information to build wealth whilst reducing risk for all stakeholders.  It provides service differentiation and customer value so your clients continue to come back to you, year after year.

But it’s not only customers who benefit from Encompass.  Partners in Accounting Practices see value in Encompass immediately because it increases efficiency, improves accuracy, reduces risk and automates manual processes to eliminate costly errors that would otherwise go un-noticed.

With Encompass the days of analysing pages and pages of documents are over.  The interactive visual chart highlights issues, concerns, key information and changes, so they are immediately identifiable and clear to any party.  The raw data can be exported and the entire workspace, including visual chart, documents and excel style functionality can be instantly shared with customers or colleagues via a simple hyperlink.

We all understand that the biggest cost is usually the cost of getting it wrong.  Don’t risk it any longer – subscribe to Encompass today and start to search, review and manage data through a solution that ensures you’re giving the best advice.

Encompass In Banking

What if you could understand a customer’s financial circumstances in a matter of minutes?  Or consolidate, review and manage all of the relevant commercial information in one place, throughout the customer lifecycle and across silos…

Banks today have a significant cost associated with the procurement of commercial information to meet their obligations while managing their customers during the lending process. Significant duplication and waste occurs during this process.

With Encompass, Business Banking can achieve unprecedented efficiencies.  Customer value is increased at every interaction, from business development and loan origination, through to customer management and collections.

Encompass underpins an effective information management strategy.  It significantly increases productivity at every level in the bank; from personal productivity to enterprise level value.  Standardise and improve the quality of information your people are working with, so they can work faster and make the right decision – the first time. Reduce errors, re-work, silos and costs by streamlining processes and increasing collaboration.


Encompass supports and enables key banking initiatives such as:

  • Integrated architecture and to provide a common platform
  • Reducing ‘time to yes’ to increase conversion rates
  • Digitisation and simplification of core processes
  • Reducing operational risk due to handling errors and leakage
  • Increased customer centricity and responsiveness

Encompass In Legal

As a legal professional you need fast, reliable access to critical commercial information.  Understanding company structures, asset ownership and relationships is essential to provide the right advice in any commercial matter.  You would know that the quality of your service is only as good as the information you receive and is limited by the time and resources available for interpreting that data…

The days of sifting through lengthy reports in order to understand key personal, company and property information, are over!

Encompass provides a new, visual way to explore people, companies, properties and assets and understand the relationships between them.  You can significantly reduce time spent managing documents and instead focus on the legal work that your customers value.  Furthermore, with the Encompass visual chart you can ensure you have the full picture and nothing is overlooked – the result: reduced risk and better results for the firm and your clients.

Encompass In Restructuring & Insolvency

When it comes to restructuring and insolvency matters, you need to see the full picture, fast, in order to make timely commercial assessments and satisfy stakeholders. Unfortunately consolidating information from various sources and understanding security interests can be complex and time consuming…

Imagine being able to instantly create an interactive commercial picture using information from actual legal documents, to build an understanding of the relationships between people, companies, property, assets and debt.

Wouldn’t you love to have all of that commercial information about a case in the one, easy-to-access, easy-to-use software application, where  you could save it for further review at a later stage, or package it up to share with a colleague.

Restructuring and Insolvency professionals love Encompass, because it provides exactly that!

Whether you’re in a large practice or a small firm, you are no doubt feeling frustrated by an increasingly regulated environment and the vast amounts of information you now need to review in order to get your job done properly  – particularly since the introduction of PPSR.

At the same time, you still need to secure new work faster and increase efficiencies, while correctly interpreting security interests and ensuring nothing is overlooked!

You can’t afford not to use Encompass.

Contact us for a demonstration today and learn how you can dramatically improve the way you consolidate, review and manage commercial information to get better results and give your business a competitive advantage.