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identifying beneficial owners for AML and ABC compliance

Identifying the real beneficial owners of an entity is essential for AML and ABC compliance, but it isn’t easy. This illustration outlines the key steps in identifying beneficial owners and how technology can help to cut through the morass with speed, safety and a uniform approach.

building an effective AML programme

To build an effective AML programme, you must start by knowing why you need one. Take a journey through the stages of the AML machine, from knowing the law, to defining and quantifying risk, risk management and constant improvement.

suspicious activity investigation lifecycle

Knowing when to trip the alarm and investigate can be a daunting task for any organisation with an AML programme in place. Take a look at best practice, common mistakes and how to avoid them, and learn how technology can help.

effective business risk assessment programme

A well-designed Business Risk Assessment Program is key to a successful AML program. It will help you to identify where you should focus, how things are changing, and where you need to expand areas. Without it, your AML programme will be inefficient, as well as ineffective.

effective customer risk assessment programme

Knowing your customer – really understanding them, their products, services, market areas and business-specific context – is vital. It can help your organisation avoid high-risk situations and ensure best practice at all times. Having a system of monitoring in place, both automated and human, is critical.

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