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When complying with AML/CTF legislation proves challenging, many regulated companies turn to Managed Services Providers (MSPs) for help.

There is an opportunity for smart MSPs, and that comes in the possibilities around reimagining the work of KYC. They can shift how they solve a pressing problem, to share their vision with their clients and, ultimately, be their guide in a journey of digital transformation of risk and compliance operations. This approach benefits both MSPs and their clients when it addresses shortfalls in efficiency and effectiveness.

While digital transformation initiatives carry risks, partnering with best of breed technology vendors offers MSPs and their clients a means to mitigate these.

In this ebook, Encompass’ Nick Ford (VP Distribution & Alliances) and Mike Kearney (Senior Product Marketing Manager) explore topics such as what is in risk and compliance for MSPs and client expectations, as well as outlining how Encompass can deliver for these clients.

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about Encompass

Encompass is the creator of Know Your Customer (KYC) automation for major financial and professional service firms globally. We are the only provider of simultaneous, real-time access to multiple sources of global company, registry and person data. By using robotic search to discover everything your KYC policy demands, Encompass delivers more efficient processes and faster, safer regulatory compliance, resulting in lower costs and superior risk management.

Encompass robotically searches structured and unstructured information sources to automate your KYC, AML and EDD policies. Key elements including UBOs, PEPs, sanctions and adverse media are all identified, visualised and verified in seconds. Whether it’s one, or one thousand customers, enhanced risk assessment, monitoring and remediation can now be achieved at scale through the power of automation.

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