integrating with the encompass api


our KYC automation solution is available as an API, integrating seamlessly with your existing systems

encompass helps companies make informed decisions with better information, bringing together multiple KYC data sources into a single application.

The encompass API links more than 60 data providers into a single interface, connecting you to the most in-depth and relevant data you need to make your customer onboarding decisions. Our providers include leading business registries, credit bureaus, AML screening, and ID verification.

Designed to work on any platform using any language, the encompass API integrates Know Your Customer (KYC) processes for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) regulatory compliance checks directly into your own onboarding workflow.

Simple, fast, modern encompass API is designed for quick and easy integration to all your global KYC data providers. No lengthy and expensive implementation or installation. Integrate with encompass once, we do the rest, giving you instant access to a world of third party company and person data.

The encompass API is tailored to meet the requirements of your KYC processes. Once the automated policy is run, the responses are collated and returned over the encompass API to your internal systems for processing by a decision engine or trained compliance professional.

cost of change

Within financial compliance, change has become the norm. With new regulations coming into force, risk and compliance professionals understand the need to continuously review and update their internal compliance policies to reflect the regulatory requirements.

Your AML/CTF compliance policies require you to build connections with the APIs of each of your preferred data providers’. Even the most minor change to your AML/CTF compliance policy may have an impact on your data collection which can have a ripple effect on each and every one of those technical API integrations. This requires a lot of development work and elapsed time from the moment change is requested to having that change implemented.

A single interface to the encompass API means there is no need to deal with multiple API integrations. Most policy changes will not require development resource to implement, just simply change your policy within the encompass platform. For any changes required within your internal system, you only have to re-work a single encompass API, not every single one of your preferred data providers.

the encompass API provides you with best-in-class customer due diligence and onboarding functionality

single API integration

single API integration for all your global KYC data, providing you with one interface for consumer, SME, corporate and multinational customer onboarding

easily change your data providers

change your data providers seamlessly without additional development time, with no data vendor API management or change control

fast, simple integration

modern API designed for fast, simple integration, utilising a standardised global data model for efficient integration and data utilisation

streamlined rules-based automation

streamlined rules-based automation – one automated policy call delivers all entity data from multiple sources

download and store documentation

download and store in your own systems any search results and proof documentation produced by encompass

safely test and develop

safely test and certify implementations of the encompass API using our sandbox environment

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