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Is your law firm regulator ready? Quick tips for success
By Amy Bell | July 7th 2021 Amy Bell shares what you need to think about to ensure that your firm is regulator ready.
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Source of funds and source of wealth – what do you need to ask for and when?
By Amy Bell | June 30th 2021 Amy Bell shares what you need to consider when asking for source of funds and wealth information.
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AML compliance priorities for 2021
By Amy Bell | May 25th 2021 Amy Bell discusses what legal firms need to prioritise in 2021 to remain regulator ready.
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Webinar recap: AML compliance priorities for 2021
By Cheri Burns | May 5th 2021 We recap our webinar with Amy Bell focusing on law firms' AML compliance priorities for 2021.
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New ebook explores client outreach challenges
By Cheri Burns | May 4th 2021 A new Encompass ebook explores the challenges surrounding client outreach.
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AML independent audits: Do you need one and what should you do?
By Amy Bell | April 29th 2021 Our legal industry advisor, Amy Bell, shares what you need to know about AML audits.
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Examining Legal Sector Affinity Group guidance on use of technology in Client Due Diligence
By Amy Bell | March 15th 2021 What does the new LSAG guidance say about technology? Amy Bell shares her insight in this blog.
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Celebrating International Women’s Day 2021: The Legal View
By Cheri Burns | March 8th 2021 We profile women in legal to mark International Women's Day.
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Digital onboarding in the legal sector
By Amy Bell | January 12th 2021 How to improve the onboarding experience to meet expectations.
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Why Encompass works for Irwin Mitchell
By Cheri Burns | August 17th 2020 The key benefits of RegTech solutions for law firm Irwin Mitchell.
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OPBAS AML compliance
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | May 13th 2020 What can be learnt from the banking sector’s approach to digital KYC.
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Building and operating digital governance risk and compliance at Brodies LLP
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | August 19th 2019 Using Encompass, Brodies have a fuller suite of information with which to make decisions.
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Enhancing and accelerating client onboarding at Anderson Strathern
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | August 6th 2019 Why Anderson Strathern chose Encompass for their KYC discovery processes.
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Source of wealth, source of funds
By Amy Bell | November 2nd 2018 Differences and drivers behind the need to identify and verify source of wealth and source of funds.
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The new Know Your Customer standard
By Mike Kearney | July 13th 2018 Examining best practice corporate KYC in professional service firms.
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MURGITROYD GROUP selects Encompass
By Cheri Burns | March 6th 2018 Leading intellectual property attorney practice selects Encompass to enhance its KYC processes.
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