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Banks see greater AML risk as a result of sanctions
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | August 3rd 2022 In polling conducted by Encompass, financial institutions have seen increased AML regulation impact.
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The impact of regulation on KYC transformation
By Dr Henry Balani | May 16th 2022 Dr Henry Balani identifies the influence regulations have on KYC transformation projects.
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Are we finally taking beneficial ownership seriously?
By Dr Henry Balani | May 3rd 2022 Identifying beneficial owners has never been more in the spotlight.
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Uncovering the oligarchs
By Dr Henry Balani | April 29th 2022 In this expert panel discussion we discuss the impact of Russian sanctions on global banks.
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Demystifying beneficial ownership
By Dr Henry Balani | March 2nd 2022 Explore current regulatory landscape, and best practice for banks and financial institutions.
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The complexity of imposing sanctions on Russia, and how to overcome these challenges
By Dr Henry Balani | March 2nd 2022 In light of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Dr Balani explores the complexity of imposing sanctions
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Do regulations make a difference to the customer experience?
By Dr Henry Balani | January 27th 2022 Dr Henry Balani examines what customer experience means in the context of AML/CTF regulations.
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Why the UK must reassess its anti-money laundering measures before it is too late
By Dr Henry Balani | December 22nd 2021 Dr Balani warns the UK must act in response to numerous high profile reports of financial crime.
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FCA reports upward spiral of suspicious activity reports from financial firms
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | November 2nd 2021 Wayne Johnson reacts to the latest report in to financial crime from the FCA.
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Pandora Papers – exposing the fine line between privacy and scandal
By Dr Henry Balani | October 12th 2021 Dr Henry Balani raises the question of data security and privacy in the light of the Pandora Papers.
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My reflections on ACAMS Las Vegas 2021
By Dr Henry Balani | October 7th 2021 Dr Henry Balani reflects on an engaging ACAMS Las Vegas conference.
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‘Universal’ regulatory standards key in effort to tackle financial crime globally, says Encompass’ Wayne Johnson
By Cheri Burns | June 11th 2021 Encompass' Wayne Johnson reacts to a report on the cost of global financial crime compliance.
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Progress but not world-class: The Encompass view of the Australian 2021 Budget
By Wayne Johnson | June 1st 2021 We give our reaction to the 2021 Australian Budget, and what it means for businesses going forward.
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How banks benefit from regulation
By Dr Henry Balani | May 28th 2021 Examining the impact of the EU's Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (4AMLD) on bank valuations.
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RegTech experts call for revolutionary overhaul of global financial regulation system
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | May 24th 2021 We discuss rethinking regulations and what the future could hold on the 'RegTech 20/20' podcast.
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Explaining client outreach and how Encompass reduces the need for the process
By Mike Kearney | April 7th 2021 We explore the topic of client outreach and the place of automation.
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Trouble in paradise?
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | March 29th 2021 Hear from investigative journalist Oliver Bullough about the impact of money laundering.
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RegTech 20:20 podcast: A round-up of this year’s industry insights and highlights
By Cheri Burns | December 10th 2020 We look back on the first year of the RegTech 20:20 podcast with this summary of just a few episodes
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RegTech and compliance in Australia: Key themes in 2020
By Roger Carson | November 23rd 2020 We look at some of the key themes and events in RegTech and compliance in Australia this year.
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What does it mean to be ‘regulator ready’?
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | October 29th 2020 What it means to be ‘regulator ready’ and the role of RegTechs in assisting businesses.