Bureau van Dijk - Encompass Information Providers

Bureau van Dijk

Access rich data sets as well as company financial information.
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Companies House - Encompass Information Providers

Companies House

The most current information filed about companies with the official registrar.

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Creditsafe - Encompass Information Providers


Add credit scores and credit information to the picture to help assess risk.
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C6i | Encompass Information Providers


Providing unique, actionable data that helps businesses across the world manage risk.
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Dun & Bradstreet - Encompass Information Providers

Dun & Bradstreet

Business information for risk and supply management, and sales and marketing.
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Equifax - Encompass Information Providers


Business intelligence to support commercial decisions.
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Experian - Encompass Information Providers


Global information services company, providing data and analytical tools to clients around the world.

The Gazette - Encompass Information Providers

The Gazette

Check for appointments and official notices on companies you need to be aware of.
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Kyckr | Encompass Data Provider


Expand your case investigations overseas with Kyckr (formerly Global Business Register).
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Land Registry - Encompass Information Providers

Land Registry

Search for property information in the UK: verify owners, review the title and more.
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Red Flag Alert - Encompass Information Providers

Red Flag Alert

Look into companies in distress to uncover more about their structure and affairs.
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Zoopla - Encompass Information Providers


Right click on any property in Encompass to see valuation data from Zoopla.
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Making sense of large volumes of complex information can be so time consuming to put the task beyond reach for busy professionals.

However, there is good evidence that professionals can take advantage of greater information to make better and quicker decisions by augmenting their investigations work with new technology dubbed visual analytics.

Browse our growing list of official registers and rich data information providers below.

Entity Data

You need fast access to verified information in order to quickly assess new matters and provide the best outcome for stakeholders. Encompass provides a single point of access to a growing list of commercial data sources.

  • Reduce search time
  • Visualise complex data
  • Minimise risk with automation

Companies using Encompass reduce time spent in search and discovery by as much as 70%


A single point of real time access to all the information you need.


Automate Internal KYC Policies

Directors and shareholders

Identify Ultimate Beneficial Owner


Trusted data and information sources

Secure Cloud Access via your browser

Comply with AML regulations


Visualise Company Structure

Accelerate onboarding

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