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Encompass Verify aggregates data from the world’s leading KYC information providers. We then automate workflow in-line with your internal KYC policies to significantly enhance the way you research, on-board and review prospects and clients.

We help legal and accountancy firms streamline time-consuming onboarding, mitigate reputational risk, and improve the client experience. Encompass Verify is the KYC software for consistent and robust AML & CTF compliance, providing reassurance your firm is regulator ready.

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In this video, we use Chelsea Football Club to demonstrate how encompass verify can automatically run your own KYC policy, taking advantage of our industry-leading data partners to quickly identify the ultimate beneficial owner and apply your own risk models.

what our customers are saying


encompass verify makes it simple and fast to research multiple versions of a director’s name, and to draw out all the connections. You couldn’t possibly do this efficiently by searching manually. Automating this work to take advantage of digitised information reduces costs and so supports our firm’s commitment to be value-driven and cost-effective.

Mike Pavitt, Partner
Paris Smith LLP


Giving senior lawyers access to state of the art tools and information frees them to spend time on the case and with their client. Just consider the improvement potential: three hours of a senior lawyer’s time reduced to 30 seconds, while producing a result with significant improvement in accuracy compared to the long-established way of searching. Using encompass verify transforms any lawyer into a power researcher.

Chris Jones, Partner


When you’re in the early stage of an investigation you are constantly hypothesising, wondering and searching. With encompass verify, we can get the answers we need immediately. Sometimes the system seems to work as fast as you are thinking.

Dean Newlan, Forensic Accounting Specialist
McGrath Nicol


encompass verify ensures that we are regulator-ready in our KYC customer onboarding. Customer due diligence has never been as complex, but we now feel confident about bringing on all our new clients at speed and with confidence.

Veronica Trench, Senior Compliance Manager
Brodies LLP


The need for us to have a comprehensive knowledge of our customers when we onboard them is paramount. To that end, it was important that we brought in encompass verify with access to global information providers in order that we can satisfy that need.

Stephen McDonagh, Head of Knowledge Management
Anderson Strathern