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introducing the next generation Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) software for legal & accountancy


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We help legal and accountancy firms streamline time-consuming onboarding, mitigate reputational risk, and improve the client experience. encompass verify is the Know Your Customer (KYC) software for consistent and robust Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF) compliance, providing reassurance your firm is regulator ready.

streamline AML & CTF compliance processes across your firm

reduce un-billable hours with fast, automated policy checks

improve client experience by speeding up onboarding

Just how good is your Know Your Customer (KYC) process? In the present regulatory environment, where risk of reputational damage, significant fines and even prison sentences is all too real, ensuring compliance with your company’s internal AML/CTF policies is of paramount importance.

This is not easily achieved. Compliance workflows consist largely of disparate, standalone systems linked by manual tasks. Processes are prone to human error, and require high-levels of oversight.

encompass verify aggregates data from the world’s leading AML/CTF information providers. We then automate workflow in-line with your internal AML/CTF policies to significantly enhance the way you research, onboard and review prospects and clients.

encompass verify reduces the time, cost and risk involved in due diligence activities, while enabling you to better demonstrate value to clients and compliance to regulators.

key features of encompass verify

accelerate and standardise customer onboarding

Avoid KYC delays during inception and on-boarding, keeping unbillable hours to a minimum.

communicate complex situations visually

Speed up communications and understanding between your frontline staff, compliance officers and regulators.

maintain audit trails from decisions back to documentation

Retain source documents and provide an auditable record of how information is discovered and used in your compliance process.

streamline Know Your Customer processes

Single software application for all the client information and documentation your firm needs, reducing time to perform KYC tasks, and providing the reassurance of consistent and robust AML/CTF policy adherence.

effortlessly update client information

Refresh and recheck client documentation at the touch of a button, and swiftly provide verified documentation for audits to SRA standards

effectively capture the external information you need

Link information to existing systems to build a deep understanding of new customers while applying global KYC standards.

why choose encompass verify?

AML/KYC automation

Whether onboarding one client or one thousand clients, encompass verify provides automated, rapid AML/KYC checks, so you can be guaranteed you are meeting the needs of internal policies.

cloud-based solution

encompass verify is a Software-as-a-Service solution. Accessed through your browser, there is no need for expensive hardware, major upfront costs or time-consuming installation and maintenance.

customer success

Alongside in-product live help, our dedicated Customer Success team are on hand from the very start to help you make the most of encompass verify.


encompass verify makes it simple and fast to research multiple versions of a director’s name, and to draw out all the connections. You couldn’t possibly do this efficiently by searching manually. Automating this work to take advantage of digitised information reduces costs and so supports our firm’s commitment to be value-driven and cost-effective.

Mike Pavitt

Partner, Paris Smith LLP


Giving senior lawyers access to state of the art tools and information frees them to spend time on the case and with their client. Just consider the improvement potential: three hours of a senior lawyer’s time reduced to 30 seconds, while producing a result with significant improvement in accuracy compared to the long-established way of searching. Using encompass verify transforms any lawyer into a power researcher.

Chris Jones
Partner, gunnercooke


When you’re in the early stage of an investigation you are constantly hypothesising, wondering and searching. With encompass verify, we can get the answers we need immediately. Sometimes the system seems to work as fast as you are thinking.

Dean Newlan
Forensic Accounting Specialist, McGrath Nicol

the one stop shop for your AML/KYC information needs


Ownership understanding, management understanding, and credit risk.

electronic ID verification

Electronic verification of individuals

AML screening

Screening for PEPs, sanctions, and adverse news


Ownership and valuation

Encompass Verify | Information Providers

encompass verify fits seamlessly into your existing due diligence processes. It provides a single point of access for all the information sources required for client onboarding, significantly reducing  time spent gathering the information you need to make your decisions.

Continue using your existing sources with no change to your billing, and gain further insight from additional sources for enhanced due diligence as and when you need. Our information partners include:

  • Companies House
  • C6 Intelligence
  • CreditSafe
  • Dun & Bradstreet
  • GBG ID3
  • Thomson Reuters World-Check
  • …and many more

View all our information sources here.

information and insight

Encompass Verify Whitepapers


Join us for one of our regular product webinars, demonstrating encompass verify and showing real-world use cases to accelerate your client onboarding.

Encompass Verify Whitepapers


Stay ahead of the competition and keep on top of industry trends with our collection of whitepapers and ebooks, free to download.

Encompass Verify Case Studies

case studies

Learn how our customers have applied the encompass verify solution to real-world use cases, enhancing business development and accelerating their client onboarding.

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Discover how encompass verify can accelerate and streamline your customer onboarding, all through one software interface. Fill out the form to request your consultation for how our KYC automation software can enhance your workflow, or contact our team directly on 0333 772 0002.

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