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OFAC compliance – half a loaf?

Q&A with sanctions and risk specialist Eric A. Sohn

A fast-moving global sanctions regime coupled with high penalties for compliance breaches mean it’s more important than ever to be clear on regulatory requirements.

In this webinar Nick Ford (VP Strategic Alliances, Encompass) interviews leading sanctions and risk specialist Eric A. Sohn (Dow Jones Risk & Compliance) to gain an insight into all things sanctions.

In this 40 minutes session they discuss the big questions around:

  • key trends in sanctions regulation
  • the OFAC and EU 50 percent rules
  • uncovering ownership by sanctioned entities

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about Eric A. Sohn

Eric A. Sohn, CAMS is Director of Business Product for Dow Jones Risk & Compliance. He is Dow Jones’ subject matter expert on economic sanctions and anti- money laundering. He provides guidance to compliance and risk professionals to utilize Dow Jones’ portfolio of products and services effectively and efficiently.

Mr. Sohn has been CAMS-certified since 2007, and has served on the ACAMS Editorial Task Force since 2010. He speaks on a regular basis at regulatory compliance conferences, and has been published numerous times on compliance and business process improvement topics in compliance and financial services industries publications including ACAMS Today, ACAMS Connection and KYC360.

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