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Easy, rapid CLM and/or CRM API integration

Integrate the Encompass API into your existing workflows and Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, and get all of the benefits of our CDI platform to enhance your existing onboarding, refresh and remediation processes.

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What to expect from our KYC API integration

In one simple integration, the Encompass API provides the following benefits:

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Increased efficiency

Automates the repetitive task of manually rekeying data and saving documents to CLMs/CRMs.

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Greater accuracy

Removes the risk of manual error to improve data integrity and save significant time.

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Enhanced, demonstrable compliance

Streamlines the process of creating and refreshing CDI profiles.

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Improved processes

Reduces the need for quality assurance and rework, and ensures following PEP and subsequent screening and ongoing monitoring are effective.

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Reliable customer data

Provides an accurate source of truth for core customer data for downstream systems and automation.

KYC made simple with the Encompass API

Our KYC API integration is simple, scalable and secure, giving you peace of mind. It simplifies your systems landscape and removes the ongoing burden of maintaining multiple disparate data connections for your IT teams.

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Scalable RESTful API for seamless CLM/CRM integration

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Delivered in the cloud, secure, enterprise-ready SaaS platform

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Single-tenant cloud-hosting options available

Encompass partners and strategic alliances

Our global strategic partnerships enable customers to integrate the award-winning Encompass platform into their existing workflow and technology stack.

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See how the Encompass platform works alongside your CLM system to automate the KYC due diligence process, within a digital ecosystem.

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