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Access authoritative KYC data via a single platform

In a global marketplace, access to trusted data sets with global reach is critical for robust regulatory compliance and risk management.

Researching, collating and verifying information about clients, customers and counterparties manually, is inefficient and error-prone. Without dedicated technical resource and expertise, ongoing maintenance of existing connections and adding new data integrations inhouse is challenging. Encompass removes this burden by providing access to data from a global collection of public data sources that is normalized, deduped and merged on retrieval, via a single platform.

Search on a company name or unique company identifier to obtain the evidence and data attributes you need including proof of registration and listed, PEP or sanctions status. Available for review by your analysts and retained within a CDI profile together with private information provided by the customer.


Encompass’ access to global public KYC data

Encompass has integrated with regulators, corporate registries, ultimate beneficial ownership (UBO) registries and stock exchanges across the world to provide you with information on whether a firm is regulated, registered, and listed.

This is complemented with data from a wide range of global premium providers to enable you to build out the full picture of your customers, fast.

175+ public data products

covering 200+ jurisdictions

Connect to trusted public KYC data with Encompass

Corporate registries

View a customer’s registration details including registration identifier, date, status, place of registration and incorporation date. Understand their business activities, address information, shareholders and directors, and review original documents such as Annual returns and Auditor reports to make informed decisions.

Ultimate beneficial ownership registries

Easily understand who has significant control of the company and the nature of that control. Leveraging the data provided from premium data providers, Encompass calculates beneficial ownership so you can configure your risk-based approach.


Verify whether your customer is regulated, where and by whom. From the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), BaFin Federal Financial Supervisory Authority to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), and many more.

Stock exchange listings

Confirm whether a company has been listed, when, and by which exchange while accessing any original proof documents where available.

Company data

Understand corporate ownership and structure information, including company directors, secretaries, parents and shareholders. View the country where a customer is based, their business activities and much more.

PEPs, sanctions and adverse media

Identify if a company or associated individuals appear on sanctions or watch lists and whether they are politically exposed (PEPs). Uncover any adverse news items, associated persons and companies and any regulatory or law enforcement actions.


Authenticate a person’s identity, age, and address in real-time against multiple credit bureaux and other third-party sources such as postal records, utility data and government data.

Company identifiers

Access unique entity identifiers to perform follow-on searches on a customer including the Bank Identification Code (BIC), Legal Entity identifier (LEI), International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) and many more.

Automate and enhance the KYC discovery process

Encompass provides access to data from multiple trusted KYC data sources to analyze and unwrap complex corporate ownership structures.

With extensive connections to global public data sources, Encompass is easily configured to an organization’s existing KYC policies and trusted data sources. These integrations make it quick and easy to automate KYC discovery.

Combining authoritative public information with private information directly from customers provides banks with a full Corporate Digital Identity (CDI) – a unified source of truth and unrivaled visibility into risk.

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Why choose Encompass for KYC discovery?

Encompass has an unrivalled level of data for KYC activities, providing these key benefits:

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Extensive existing integrations with a wide range of KYC data sources globally.

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Integrations are maintained by Encompass, significantly reducing the need for in-house resources.

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Vast global coverage that supports global footprints.

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