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Real-time CDI profiles delivered by Encompass

Our award-winning CDI platform automates the manual KYC search process undertaken by analysts and incorporates real-time data and documents from authoritative global public data sources with private customer information, to create and maintain digital risk profiles for a holistic view of customers.

See how complete, real-time KYC investigations are conducted in the Encompass platform to identify and verify customers faster.

Automate global public data search

Encompass activates a search, directed by your risk policy to extract critical KYC data attributes and documents from global public data sources, in real-time. Data source searches are performed consistently and in parallel to optimize efficiency.

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Automate customer outreach for private information

Any information gaps are identified and exposed so that client outreach requests can be automated, and data extracted from further documents received.

Data normalization, primacy rules and entity resolution

Data collated is structured, standardized, and deduped. It is then matched and merged to resolve data conflict and a client’s preferred data source primacy rules are applied to generate a single view of the entity.

Full data provenance is maintained for audit and regulatory purposes.

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Corporate hierarchy mapping and UBO identification

Ownership structure and hierarchies of clients or entities are automatically unwrapped in minutes, and in more depth than is possible with manual processes to identify and visualize ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs).

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Consolidate and integrate CDI profile with other systems

Data, documents and a full audit trail are consolidated into ready-made CDI profiles and delivered directly into internal systems for analysts to review only where necessary, enabling teams to focus on high-risk investigations. Time is saved as information gathering and the risk of human error are drastically cut.

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Maintain CDI profile

CDI profiles provide a single standardized holistic view of the customer which can be used for KYC refresh, remediation and perpetual KYC (pKYC) and shared as appropriate, with other internal systems and business functions.

Corporate digital identity from Encompass

Watch our video on how the Encompass CDI platform helps banks across the world automate manual KYC processes to build complete real-time CDI profiles of their customers.

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The evolution of corporate digital identity in banking | Encompass blog

Discover more about corporate digital identity

Digital identity has proven transformative, particularly in retail banking. However, when it comes to business entities, corporate, commercial and investment banks face greater challenges. Corporate digital identity (CDI) takes a holistic approach, tailored to a bank’s regulatory and business needs, providing a single view of its corporate customers.

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