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Intelligent KYC on demand

Challenger banks have made their mark on the financial services landscape by offering innovative digital experiences and frictionless customer onboarding. However, with growth, comes increased regulatory scrutiny. Robust KYC processes are critical but enhanced compliance cannot come at the expense of the kind of customer experience that has made the sector so successful.

Encompass provides corporate digital identity (CDI), powered by dynamic KYC process automation, which helps challenger banks and FinTech companies meet core KYC requirements.

Why FinTech companies and challenger banks choose Encompass to meet their KYC needs

We are trusted by FinTech companies and challenger banks to improve their KYC processes and deliver the following benefits.


Transform onboarding and boost customer experience

By automating manual KYC due diligence processes, our CDI solution dramatically reduces the time it takes to onboard a customer, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction – which is key for growing FinTech companies.


Automate KYC discovery to ensure regulatory compliance

CDI from Encompass offers standard, repeatable and auditable due diligence processes. Manual processes are automated, and a dynamic audit trail records all activity for demonstrable compliance.


Get the full picture, fast, with unrivaled access to global public data providers

A single integration of the Encompass API into existing systems allows FinTech companies and challenger banks to take full advantage of KYC automation quickly and easily, powering CLMs and CRMs with the critical information they need to deliver true value.

200 jurisdictions

Access global public data sources

We have access to more trusted global data providers than any other KYC solution, spanning more than 200 jurisdictions, so you can safely grow your customer base worldwide.

About Encompass

Since the launch of Encompass in 2012, we’ve been helping challenger banks fight financial crime and streamline their KYC processes to comply with AML regulations and requirements.

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