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Why choose Encompass for automating KYC due diligence processes?

The world’s leading banks and financial institutions, rely on the Encompass platform delivered by Software as a Service (SaaS) to automate their KYC processes. In this section you can learn how we work with different sectors and stakeholders to provide significant benefits, from increasing operational efficiency to improving customer experience.

Find out why KYC teams and leading businesses and partners trust Encompass to empower their customer onboarding and KYC processes to comply with AML regulations.


By sector

Our customers by sector

Encompass customers range from leading banks and financial institutions to tech providers. Click on the sector names to browse the benefits for your organization.

Corporate and investment banks
Business banking
Challenger banks
Managed service providers


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Our strategic alliances and partnerships

To develop and power our dynamic KYC process automation platform, we’ve established numerous strategic alliances and partnerships, from managed service providers and tech vendors to global KYC data partners. Making it simple to benefit from automation by integrating Encompass into existing workflows and technology stacks via our API. Explore Encompass’ partnerships and learn how to become our partner.

Technology service providers
KYC data providers
Consulting partners
Data partners
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Dynamic KYC process automation

Watch our video on how the Encompass dynamic KYC process automation platform helps banks across the world automate manual KYC processes to build complete real-time digital KYC profiles of their customers.

100% automation of KYC search process

Encompass automatically collects, analyzes and integrates KYC data and documents from public and premium global data sources with zero human involvement.

Our customers

Encompass uses dynamic KYC process automation to provide the full picture of a corporate customer in minutes. See for yourself how we comprehensively unwrap corporate ownership structures to provide a solid foundation for all subsequent KYC activities.


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