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Build complete Corporate Digital Identity (CDI) profiles and onboard clients faster

Today’s manual Know Your Customer (KYC) onboarding processes are crippling organizations, leaving them exposed to risk, escalating costs and lost revenue. Lengthy delays impact customer experience and cause internal friction between teams.

We transform KYC onboarding for banks and financial institutions globally with CDI. Encompass fully automates the KYC search process of collecting, analyzing and integrating data and documents from multiple sources to build CDI profiles for review only when necessary.

Transform KYC onboarding with our award-winning platform

Encompass connects to a bank’s choice of KYC data from 175+ global premium and public data products covering over 200 jurisdictions in real time. Data and documents are matched and merged to unwrap corporate structures in depth, verify ultimate beneficial owners (UBO) and create complete CDI profiles.

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The benefits of CDI for client onboarding

Ease the cost and burden of KYC

CDI reduces time spent on onboarding by up to 80% by replacing manual processes for document collection, data analysis and management. Corporate structures are unwrapped in more depth automatically, allowing analysts to refocus on higher value work.

Improve the customer experience and time to revenue

Repeat and unnecessary requests for information available in the public domain slow down onboarding and frustrate customers. Encompass makes the process of gathering information faster and more effective, significantly speeding up client onboarding time and reducing client outreach by 60%.

Enhance existing systems and processes

One simple integration of the Encompass API into existing tech stacks allows organizations to streamline KYC processes and provide a holistic view of clients. We partner with a range technology and consulting organizations, including client lifecycle management (CLM) and customer relationship management (CRM) solution providers to enable seamless integration of Encompass into existing workflows.

Why choose Encompass for KYC onboarding?


Configurable to existing KYC policies and procedures

The Encompass platform can be configured to an organization’s existing KYC onboarding policies and procedures, and trusted sources.


Complete CDI profiles

Encompass creates a CDI profile for every KYC investigation in real-time, complete with full data attribute lineage, audit trail and source documents.


Ongoing KYC

CDI profiles produced at onboarding enable greater efficiency gains by providing the digital baseline for periodic refresh, perpetual KYC or remediation.


Dynamic creation of a full audit trail

Encompass dynamically builds a complete audit trail for every search and action taken, stored within the digital KYC profile for demonstrable compliance.

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