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Transforming KYC with Corporate Digital Identity

Validate and verify corporate clients fast with Encompass. Our Corporate Digital Identity (CDI) platform delivers ready-made client profiles into internal systems to break down tech and data siloes, drive efficiency and enable a gold standard approach to KYC.

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Improve client experience

Reduce client wait times, friction and abandonment with streamlined verification and KYC onboarding.

With comprehensive connections to live, global public data, Encompass allows you to retrieve more data and documents from source. Remove internal friction and decrease outreach by up to 60% for a radically different, and better, client experience.

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Accelerate business growth

Onboard clients faster and benefit from accelerated entry to new markets, partnerships and other growth opportunities.

Today it takes an average of 90-120 days to onboard a new corporate client. Manual processes cannot scale to meet more stringent KYC requirements while delivering the experience clients expect.

CDI transforms KYC and can decrease client abandonment rates by up to 40%, while increasing sales productivity and improving time to trade.

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Drive operational efficiency

Encompass delivers complete client profiles by extracting data attributes and documents from public sources and client submitted information. Using data normalization, primacy rules and entity resolution we unwrap corporate ownership structures and identify UBOs fast and in depth.

By eliminating unnecessary manual data input, Encompass ensures data accuracy and improves first-time and STP rates. A reduced need for QC, rework and outreach across the KYC lifecycle means that resources can be focused on more valuable activities.

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Deliver robust risk mitigation

Encompass CDI profiles combine public data (including corporate and UBO registries, regulator and stock exchange listings, and more) with client-submitted information. This holistic view of a client powers internal systems to enable an efficient and standardized approach to identifying and mitigating business and financial risks.

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Ensure consistent regulatory compliance

Manual processes introduce risk and integrity is critical in the global financial system.

The Encompass CDI platform automates the bank’s KYC search procedure in line with risk policies. Every search, result and action is dynamically compiled into a regulator-ready downloadable audit trail. This is available as part of every CDI profile, with source documents and full data attribute lineage.

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Build reputation and trust

Robust KYC measures and reliable data are critical to building customer trust and preserving a bank’s reputation. Stale and disparate data leads to repeated and unnecessary client outreach and causes friction.

Encompass collates critical KYC data and documents from global public data sources in real-time via a single platform. Building and maintaining these connections internally would be beyond the resources of most organizations.

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80% of the effort in onboarding is removed instantly thanks to Encompass. We’ve seen lots of efficiencies across the process and all of that creates a more elegant and speedier customer process.
Head of Digital Transformation | Santander

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