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Dynamic CDI profile records

Encompass automatically incorporates real-time data and documents from authoritative global public data sources and private customer information to create complete CDI profiles, executed consistently in line with an organization’s KYC policy, every time.

Consistent, demonstrable KYC across an entire customer base.

What you get from Encompass CDI profiles

Each CDI profile includes the following:

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Company information and a visualization of corporate ownership structure, with beneficial owners, PEPs and sanctions clearly identified

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A full audit trail and record of actions taken for round the clock compliance

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Packaged documentary evidence and relevant metadata including source documents and full data attribute lineage

Key benefits of creating a CDI profile for each of your corporate customers

  • A holistic customer risk view configured to your regulatory and business requirements
  • An automated audit trail to evidence compliance to auditors and regulators
  • Standardized view of customer data that be shared across internal systems and business functions
  • Available in multiple formats, including .pdf, .xls, and as a digital record for API integration

See how the Encompass platform works

Watch our short video and see how Encompass eases the burden of KYC operations, reducing task times from hours down to minutes, and enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of your processes.

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