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Preparing for pKYC
By Dr Henry Balani | 7 hours ago A transition to pKYC requires cultural buy-in and a focus on data.
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Planning your journey to perpetual KYC
By Howard Wimpory | Tue 21 March, 2023 Learn more about our framework to plan your journey to perpetual KYC.
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Why North American banks need RegTech solutions
By Alex Ford | Mon 20 March, 2023 We interviewd Alex Ford and Jo Ann Barefoot to discuss the role RegTech solutions can play for banks
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What to expect in financial crime compliance in 2023
By Dr Henry Balani | Mon 23 January, 2023 Dr Henry Balani outlines key trends for financial crime compliance in 2023, and the impact on KYC.
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Coffee with Innovate Finance – Interview with Howard Wimpory
By Howard Wimpory | Tue 17 January, 2023 In this episode of Innovate Finance's podcast, Howard Wimpory discusses the state of KYC and more.
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Trends in financial crime compliance
By Dr Henry Balani | Tue 17 January, 2023 This whitepaper covers the mega-trends of 2022 and need for KYC automation in 2023.
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Encompass named in FinTech Global’s RegTech100 list for 2023
By Cheri Burns | Wed 7 December, 2022 We are pleased to be featured in FinTech Global's RegTech100 2023. 
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Addressing the challenges around KYC
By Catherine Warren | Wed 23 November, 2022 Explore the challenges and opportunities for automation and transforming KYC due diligence.
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RegTech’s role in KYC and fighting financial crime
By Alex Ford | Fri 11 November, 2022 Alex Ford was interviewed at Global RegTech Summit USA on RegTech, pKYC and tackling financial crime
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Why RegTech collaboration is key to solving financial crime
By Dr Henry Balani | Tue 1 November, 2022 Reducing financial crime requires FIs, RegTech vendors and regulators to work together.
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Insights from Perpetual KYC Session 3
By Dr Henry Balani | Fri 21 October, 2022 Dr Henry Balani offers his key takeaways from the third pKYC Advisory Board meeting.
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Investment accelerates in RegTech solutions in North America
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | Wed 19 October, 2022 Digital transformation initiatives at FIs across North America are driving RegTech investments.
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Encompass reports significant progress in North American market
By Cheri Burns | Tue 18 October, 2022 Encompass has grown significantly in North America, a year after launching in region.
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Maximizing the value of KYC process automation
By Alex Ford | Fri 14 October, 2022 Adopting new automation technology is key to a bank's KYC digital transformation journey.
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‘What’s the future of KYC?’ – Howard Wimpory’s key takeaways
By Howard Wimpory | Thu 13 October, 2022 Encompass' Howard Wimpory offers his key considerations when it comes to the future of KYC.
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Where to start with pKYC
By Dr Henry Balani | Wed 12 October, 2022 Moving to pKYC requires financial institutions to plan and execute each stage of the journey well
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Identifying your logical start point
By Dr Henry Balani | Tue 11 October, 2022 Key takeaways and insights from the third session of the Perpetual KYC Advisory Board.
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Understanding the North American RegTech market
By Alex Ford | Fri 7 October, 2022 We look at the current RegTech market in North America and its development in recent years.
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KYC process automation and a digital ecosystem
By Sarah Latimer | Wed 21 September, 2022 See how KYC automation and a digital ecosystem supports onboarding, refresh, remediation and pKYC.
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Encompass announced as member of the GLEIF Vendor Relationship Group
By Cheri Burns | Wed 21 September, 2022 Encompass Corporation has joined the GLEIF Vendor Relationship Group as one of its newest members.