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Automatic screening and monitoring solutions

Encompass automatically screens and monitors any relevant individuals and entities identified in a corporate ownership structure. Screening is conducted against global Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), sanctions and adverse media providers, based on an organization’s policy and risk-based approach.

We have existing integrations with trusted PEP, sanctions and adverse media providers.

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The power of process automation for KYC screening

Access to the right data is critical for effective PEP and sanctions screening. We have integrations with trusted providers of global PEP, sanctions and adverse media data, and we automate screening to simplify and enhance regulatory compliance.

The Encompass API provides seamless access to all required data providers and our automation features without the need to build/maintain multiple data integrations.

Our CDI platform ensures that relevant parties are always screened against the most appropriate data sets, for consistent KYC across an entire customer base.

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Key benefits of seamless PEP, sanctions and adverse media screening

  • Eradicate valuable hours wasted clearing false positives
  • Streamlining PEP and sanctions screening
  • Focus analysts on higher-value activities and investigations

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Why choose Encompass for PEP and sanctions screening?

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Seamless access to your choice of trusted providers of global PEP, sanctions and adverse media data.

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Automated KYC screening processes.

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Ongoing monitoring for material changes to PEP, sanctions or adverse media risk.

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Efficient false-positive clearing.

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Dynamic construction of a comprehensive and digital audit trail of PEP and sanctions screening to demonstrate compliance to auditors and regulators.

Encompass PEP and sanctions screening at a glance

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Enhance KYC processes and risk management

Dynamic KYC process automation, quality global data access and a clear view of screening activities enhance your KYC processes and reduce risks.

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Save time and money

Streamlined PEP and sanctions screening reduce time and resources spent on manual processes and clearing false positives.

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Real-time digital KYC profile and audit trail

Comprehensive digital audit trail of PEP and sanctions screening, stored within a complete CDI profile and available to share wherever needed.

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Improve customer experience

Slicker PEP and sanctions screening mean faster client onboarding and a smoother customer experience.

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