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KYC and digital transformation

Replace inefficient and error-prone manual KYC processes with dynamic KYC process automation. Encompass connects to limitless KYC data products and accesses live, golden source information and documents to verify UBOs and populate a complete real-time digital KYC profile.

100% automation

Encompass dynamic KYC process automation delivers 100% automation of the KYC search procedure.

What does our configurable KYC process automation platform do?

Encompass Icon | Document search

Searches your choice of multiple KYC data sources concurrently, including global registers and premium data sources, to collect live data and source documents.

Encompass Icon | Integration

Dynamically performs entity resolution and analysis ensuring the fast and accurate retrieval and integration of critical KYC data.

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Configures to an organization’s policies and procedures for an effective risk-based approach.

Key benefits of using dynamic KYC process automation

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Faster, more accurate corporate ownership structure construction that reduces outreach and improves customer experience

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Drive operational efficiency savings with complete real-time digital KYC profiles of source documents, audit trail and full data attribute lineage

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Reduce regulatory and reputational risks with consistent KYC and policy adherence

See how our KYC process automation platform works

Watch our short video and see how Encompass eases the burden of KYC operations, reducing task times from hours down to minutes, and enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of your processes.

Transform your KYC processes with Encompass

Encompass removes manual research with 100% automation of the KYC search procedure. Deeper customer insight enables more accurate KYC, reducing rework and improving straight through processing (STP). Here are just some of the capabilities of dynamic KYC process automation that could create real impact for your organization.

Encompass Icon | Process auto

Bespoke automation that executes existing KYC policies

Encompass Icon | Task list

Collect required data attributes, dedupe, match and merge data and documents to build out corporate structures and identify UBOs

Encompass Icon | Dynamic

Conduct searches in parallel to maximize efficiency

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Build complete real-time digital KYC profiles of source documents, audit trail and data attribute lineage

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Provide the digital baseline for efficient KYC remediation, periodic refresh and perpetual KYC

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Integrate with existing tech stack and workflows with the Encompass API

KYC Data Sources | UBO Verification - Visualization & Control | Global Primary & Premium Data | Encompass

Beneficial ownership and control, calculated and visualized

Using dynamic KYC process automation and extensive data integrations, Encompass automates the KYC discovery process to provide businesses with a comprehensive view of corporate customers in a fraction of the time.

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