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Automate UBO discovery processes

Unwrapping even the simplest of structures to discover beneficial ownership and control is a big challenge for customer onboarding and KYC teams. Encompass streamlines UBO verification to unwrap corporate customers’ organizational structure and provides comprehensive visualization.

120 seconds

The time it typically takes Encompass to deliver the full picture of a corporate customer

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Beneficial ownership and control – calculated and visualized

Using dynamic KYC process automation to access KYC data and documents via extensive data integrations, Encompass automates your KYC search procedure to provide the full picture of a corporate customer within minutes.

Encompass iteratively retrieves and analyzes your choice of high-quality data from trusted global providers into a complete digital KYC profile in real-time, increasing efficiency and eliminating human error.

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Why choose Encompass for UBO verification?


Streamlines the complex process of gathering and analyzing data from multiple global sources for deeper customer insight


Automatically matches and merges data and documents to unwrap ownership and control structures for corporate customers


Iteratively uncovers ownership relationships, calculating shareholding percentages and determining UBOs, in accordance with an organization’s compliance policies

Encompass' UBO verification and visualization features and benefits at a glance

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Complete digital KYC profiles

The Encompass KYC process automation platform eliminates human error and gaps in customer profiles for a deep, accurate picture of corporate customers.

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Consistent adherence with policy

Automate your manual KYC process to ensure your policies and procedures are consistently enforced across your organization.

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Reduce KYC costs and resources

Save valuable hours on repetitive, manual KYC search tasks, enabling your analysts to focus on higher-value activities and complex investigations.

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Improved customer experience

Streamlined UBO discovery and verification mean faster onboarding, reduced client outreach and a better customer experience.

Dynamic KYC process automation

Watch our video on how the Encompass dynamic KYC process automation platform helps banks across the world automate manual KYC processes to build complete real-time digital KYC profiles of their customers.

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