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What Encompass delivers

Encompass builds digital KYC profiles in real-time, with zero human involvement, to be shared wherever needed across your organization.

As a result, our clients have seen:

  • 100% automation of KYC searches
  • Dramatically improved efficiencies and cost savings
  • Enhanced customer experience and reduced outreach
  • Re-work and human error eliminated
  • Increased profitability

What Encompass does

Encompass brings together, analyzes, and integrates limitless data products through a single platform.


Deliver a single, holistic view of your customer

Our dynamic KYC process automation delivers real-time digital KYC profiles that can be shipped wherever needed across your organization for a consistent and complete view of their company information, verified documents, corporate hierarchies, a full audit and trail and data attribute lineage.


Remove KYC bottlenecks

Encompass performs multiple KYC searches in parallel by automating your organization’s search procedures for significantly enhanced productivity. As a result, manual and costly KYC activities at refresh and remediation, can be replaced with fully automated investigations completed in minutes.


Ensure round-the-clock compliance

With global coverage and real-time connections into limitless data products, Encompass ensures KYC profiles are complete, up-to-date and always compliant, giving compliance teams peace of mind.


Complement your CLM and CRM solutions

Encompass easily integrates into all your existing systems, enabling data to be shared with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) platforms and downstream technology for a fully automated end-to-end customer journey, whether it’s for a new customer, product, jurisdiction, or ongoing KYC.


Simplify your technology landscape

The Encompass platform provides access to over 175 pre-built public and premium data product integrations through a single API, fully automating KYC investigations and removing swivel-chair activities.

How Encompass fits into your world

Encompass enhances ROI on existing technology with a streamlined KYC process.

Diagram showing how Encompass fits into the onboarding flow

Key platform features


Dynamic KYC process automation

Limit human involvement to reviews only by fully automating KYC searches and performing multiple searches in parallel. Lay the foundations for faster, more efficient event-driven or periodic KYC refresh of clients with real-time digital KYC profiles.

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Real-time digital KYC profiles

Transform your KYC investigation processes and improve ROI. The Encompass platform automates repetitive data-gathering tasks to build real-time digital KYC profiles, saving you time and money while eliminating human error.

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Global public and premium data

Get global data coverage via a single point of entry into your technology landscape, with over 175 pre-built product integrations giving you access to real-time golden source information and documentation.

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Corporate hierarchy unwrapping and UBO verification

Unwrap the corporate ownership structures and identify and verify ultimate beneficial owners faster and better than your analysts are doing today by automating the KYC investigation process.

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PEP, sanctions and adverse media screening

Screen clients up-front to identify any potential enhanced due diligence requirements before commencing the onboarding process, so you can minimize client outreach and improve customer experience.

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Dynamic audit trail

A digital record of all KYC activity is automatically stored within Encompass as standard, available to share, download and review when refresh or remediation is required.

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What we deliver

Encompass builds digital KYC profiles, in real-time, with zero human involvement.

Diagram illustrating how Encompass helps businesses and creates a real-time digital KYC profile

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